My birthday

I am not just a year older but also a year better and happier.

Becoming who I am today has taken tremendous growth through good and tough times.

Iam very grateful of the hardships I went through in this life because they brought me where iam. Which is exactly where iam suppose to be. a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend, a student, a teacher , a spiritual being having a human experience all of them make me

Iam grateful to everyone who was/is part of this journey without you I wouldn’t be here. The ones who supported me and those who tried to bring me down. Thank you

Happy Birthday To Me

Cry dlozi lami cry

What’s wrong with the black child?

I see people (abo’makhosi) posting pictures or videos of African ceremonies, rituals which our ancestors considered sacred and secrets which made us who we are. They are posted all in the name of gaining followers and likes, others in order to attract customers. Who told you you must attract customers? Who told you one customer or client a day is not what your ancestors want?

Some +- 400 years ago some of us sold(exchanged) our land, women, brothers, children, our identity for a mirror. Today we are doing the same for followings 😳🤔😢

I used to be acquainted to a certain gobela. Yes she has a lot of flaws but she kept the ceremonies and rituals a secret. She even told those frequenting her sigodlo not to take pictures/videos of certain rituals.

Today we have people posting videos. What are you bambaclots showing to those suppose to go ephehlweni? Showing to white peoples, Asians? Someone who must thwasa will know what is done ephelweni. White people will steal our things, perfect them and call them theirs. I know someone is saying why, how. Let me share with you few things I have noticed

How many medicinal trees 🌲 or plants 🌱 do you see in townships? I will wait… How many medicinal trees 🌳 or plants 🌱 are in suburbs? In fact in white peoples yards, white people have phunyuka bamphethe, roslina, and we have peach trees. And your stupid mind think it’s because white people like nature. Fuck you we are nature

White people have more knowledge about medicinal plants, trees, herbs than the owners of that knowledge and your stupid mind doesn’t ask himself or herself why, how or when. It pains me to see my black people being dragged into things which will make us lose more than what we already lost. How many other people you see posting sacred rituals on social media?

Social media has turned us into people who seek outside recognition than inner recognition. We take our private spaces and post them, we post our ndumbas, umsamo just to show people we have them, what says you are a capable makhosi by showing your msamo? The way we like attention we even post umnumzane on social media, do you know He doesnt like to be exposed?

Any ways let me leave it here. The only thing I will say is this: one day we will realize that other people took what is african and perfected it for their advantage and we will cry as we do with everything we lost

Ndaue. Thokozani

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